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PUERTO RICO-. From the 1st to the 3rd of April 2022 at the Mario «Quijote Morales» Coliseum in the city of Guaynabo, the Olympic Taekwondo trials of the Puerto Rico Open (G2) will take place, an event awaited by the national and international community because they consider that the Island of Enchantment offers the benefits of the first world with contact with nature.

Master Elvin Landrau, Puerto Rico National Federation  TKD President.

Venue of the event.
Master Elvin Landrau, president of the Puerto Rican TKD Federation, made history together with his work team by organising in 2019 the first version of a G1 in Puerto Rico where more than 500 athletes from 25 countries participated.

Poomsae Modality

Among the modalities that will take place in Puerto Rico, Parataekwondo, Poomsae and Kyrougy, in the official ages, cadet, youth, senior. There will also be a Children’s Festival.

Big event.

The Last 2019 Puerto Rico Open.

«The unfortunate suspension of the US Open represents for the Puerto Rico Open the presence of a significant number of athletes from the United States who are eager to capture ranking points. «We are prepared to serve the entire American Taekwondo communityLandrau told that at least 25 nations were present at the last Puerto Rico Open.

PATU Support.

Juan Manuel López Delgado, PATU, President.

This time it will be G2, thanks to a policy promoted by the PATU, to allow more points to athletes seeking to position themselves for Paris 2024. The Puerto Rican board thanked the Pan American TKD Union for their confidence in guaranteeing a place for Puerto Rico.


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