EVENT. The 1st Annual USA-International Taekwondo Training Camp (Nov 16,2019), with the brazilian coaches, Clayton and Reginaldo Santos, is a intensive program will provide an elite training experience for Taekwondo athletes and instructors.

He coaches will present in the participants novel updated training systems that have given results. 

They will provide instruction on the techniques and strategies necessary to excel in competition based on the experience of these coaches with Olympic, world and Pan American results.
Brazil Staff
  • World´s Best Coach 2018
  • +300 medals internationally
  • Panamerican Games 2019
  • World TKD Championships 2019
  • Olympic Games Rio 2016
  • World Prix Series
  • World Junior Military Games.

  • The 1st Annual USA-International TKD Training Camp, is host by, Master Joaquin Pinkard and Coach Rodrigo Silva. Contact: 770-557-9325 
  • REGISTER ON LINE: www.USA-Intltkd.com