The departure of United States troops from Afghanistan, after the Taliban’s advance in the recovery of power in that country, has brought disastrous consequences for its inhabitants, but above all for women.

Understand that for the Taliban women are a despicable object without any rights. However, the hostility of the Taliban is also for any man who does not justify their practices.

That is why, after this disastrous return of the Taliban to power, Taekwondo women and also some men have raised their hands to protest, a risk that can constitute physical punishment, jail or death, forcing part of the Afghanistan team to flee the country, in a more than justified humanitarian emergency.

This situation has forced part of the Taekwondo team to take refuge in neighboring countries, which, although they have similar beliefs and similar practices, at least allow the woman to study and practice Taekwondo, a benefit they had in Afghanistan before the return of the Taliban again.


Afghanistan has had two (02) Olympic and world medals with exceptional athletes. Today they have ambitious athletes trying to make it to Paris, either in Para-Taekwondo, as well as in conventional competitions.

Some of these athletes are in Pakistan or Iran, where they try to reach the official competitions scheduled by World Taekwondo for this second half of the year. However, access to several countries has been made difficult due to visa issues.

Afghan taekwondists require support

The athlete Zargunna Noori (Afghanistan) has contacted to request support for her and the rest of the team from that country, where they stand out; Mohadisa Hussaini, Somaya Mohammedi, Masoma Habibi, Roqaia Alizada and coach Habibullah Atayei, located in Iran, Pakistan, and there is still one athlete left in Afghanistan.

«All of us, we are homeless and we are trying to find help from the UN or WT all over the world,» Noori said.

Zargunna Noori (Afghanistan)

We don’t even have any possibility to participate in the Asian games, we are from an Asian country, but nobody cares, she claims.


We kindly request the world Taekwondo authorities to extend a helping hand to the women of Afghanistan so that they can have organized support to survive this serious situation that afflicts them through no fault of their own.

Afghan taekwondists require support from the authorities through a policy of attention to their cases.

They obviously thank the countries that have received them in this emergency. However, the athletes from Afghanistan believe that a commission can be appointed from the Taekwondo organizations to deal with their cases.

Carlos Hernández