Dragan Jovic, Serbia’s star coach who has been voted best coach in the world several times by World Taekwondo, has a sporting past that very few people know about.

What many do not know is that he was a fierce and motivating competitor in the 90’s, participating in the world championships in Athens 1991, New York 1993, Manila 1995 and Hong Kong 1997.

This kind man who spreads hugs and good vibes wherever he goes, is someone who has lived closely in the combat areas the heat of Taekwondo when he competed in the categories -50 kg and 50-54 kg.

With those personal experiences as an athlete in a country that was embroiled in war, Dragan knew how to excel in the sport he is so passionate about and has turned Serbia into a country with Taekwondo history, such as having Olympic, World and Grand Prix medallists in the Galeb Gymnasium in Belgrade.

Foto: WT.

His success has been so great that he has been the best sports coach in his country, ahead of professional coaches of emblematic sports for Serbia.

For this great sporting impact in Taekwondo Dragan Jovic is today recognised as a respected and admired personality in the world community.

His Galeb Summer Camp in 2022 will be a further proof of his great leadership in the sport of Taekwondo.

Carlos Hernández

Foto portada: La Voz de Galicia