Victory Taekwondo Academy (VTA) was established in 2003 in Brownsville Tx., and is run under the guidance and training of master Estuardo Teran. Victory Taekwondo has been recognized throughout the state of Texas and Rio Grande Valley for its outstanding potential and ability to help athletes compete and become state, national and international champions.

VTA has produced numerous team members in  USA , AAU, world champion team members and Mexico national team members. 

Everyday as my son and i prepare for class, we ask ourselves,»do we have a plan? «do our athletes continue wiith their plan?»if nothing else, we have to help our athletes in keeping positive as they maximize their potential for what’s coming in the future.

My goal as a master is to embrace a digital concept as i want my athletes to continue to believe in themselves and make any adaptive changes to the situation we are living in  has required. it’s been a difficult situation, but as we all continue to work together we will soon join each other on the mat. the past few weeks, my son and i continue to run classes through «zoom» and our desire is to keep the athletes engaged as they keep training so they find a way to keep all this going.

it’s definitely  different and challenging, but we have to integrate, involve and engage our athletes, we must all stay current! we have been making the very best out of a difficult situation. i would like to thank all my parents for the continued support that they they provide daily to their children.

Everyday our athletes must remember to have some structure so that they can remain committed, it all basically comes down to them staying motivated. we constantly work hard to train our athletes and nourish them as they work towards a life-long goal. Most importantly, as they train we remind them to take care of their health and to stay fit.i am a firm believer of getting things done. there’s just no question about it and we have to stay in the moment!.

Mexican Team (VTA)