Important events were supervised by the Sports Director of the European Taekwondo Union.

Recently in Belgrade, the Serbian Open 2023 «Galeb Trophy» was held with the presence of 50 countries and 800 participants, including athletes, coaches, referees and delegates.

During the spectacular tournament, the Sports Director of the ETU, Mr. Ioannis Mouroustos, was present, who took the opportunity to meet with part of the board of directors of the Taekwondo Association of Serbia to discuss details of the European Cadet Championships that will be held on 19- October 21 in Belgrade.

It is estimated that the best cadet athletes will flock to Serbia for this important competition.

Likewise, the Sports Director reported on the progress of the European Poomsae and Para Poomsae that will be held in Innsbruck, Austria, on November 24-26.

The Poomsae modality has grown in Europe in a surprising way. The level of the tournament is estimated to be very high.

Mouroustos reported that the instructions of the president of the European Taekwondo Union, Sakis Pragalos, is to review the details in the organization of the official endorsed events «to guarantee the success of the activities«.

During Galeb Trophy

The official indicated that they are routine meetings with the national associations that organize the events.

As a fact, Tarkwondo in Europe annually celebrates more than 30 official endorsed activities that are supervised by the continental union to ensure that the standards of the sport are met.

Carlos Hernández