The Spanish Coral Bistuer is the top winner of gold medals in European Taekwondo championships with five medals. The 1992 Barcelona Olympic champion was the greatest figure in Spanish and European women’s taekwondo in the 1980s to the 1990s.

They are followed in the gold medal count by the British Bianca Walken, who has four (04) golds, one silver and one bronze, obtaining a total of six (06) medals.

Spanish Brigitte Yague.

The triple world champion and Olympic silver, she also has four (04) golds, one silver and one bronze, for a total of six medals in European events.

Sarah Stevenson from Great Britain, world champion also has six (06) European medals in her house, accounted for in this way: Four (04) golds, two (02) bronzes.

The French world champion Gwladys Épangue won three (03) golds, three silvers and one bronze during her great career. The brave athlete, famous for her strength in combat, has a total of seven (07) medals in European taekwondo events.

Jade Jones of Great Britain, who is a double Olympic gold, world champion and junior Olympic gold, has three (03) titles, one silver and three bronzes to add seven metals.

The Croatian Natasa Vezmar, won three golds, one silver and one bronze, the Olympic athlete, also from Croatia, Lucija Zaninovi obtained three (03) golds and one bronze to account for four medals.

Russian Olympic medalist, Anastasia Baryshnikova was gold three times.

Natalia Ivanova also from Russia took three (03) golds, and Tatiana Kudashova (Russia) also holds that same record of three golds.

Taekwondo competitions on the European continent began in Barcelona in 1976.

Spain (63), Turkey (62) and Germany (48) are the countries that lead in gold medals obtained.

Carlos Hernandez