Athletes, coaches and some judges attending the 2022 President’s Cup in Albania were helped to return to Ukraine after flights were cancelled due to the conflict with Russia.

Since yesterday, high-level officials of the European Taekwondo Union under the guidance of ETU President Sakis Pragalos set up a support fund to help them return home.

ETU posted a message on their social networks confirming that they have already coordinated the return of these athletes who were competing in adult, youth and senior categories.

Here is the official version:

The Ukrainian delegation left today by bus on its way home. Due to the war in Ukraine, all flight are cancelled and ETU organized a bus for the delegation. Most of the Ukrainian delegates made use of this service provided by ETU, while some other chose to travel by their own means back to Ukraine.

The brief message concluded with this sentence. «We hope that peace will be restored fast».

ETU members in Albania

Carlos Hernández