We present the names of the athletes (10) athletes who won the title of European Taekwondo champion obtained in Sofia 2021, who will be competing in Manchester from 19 to 22 May 2022.

In the men’s category, three (03) of the eight (08) competitors will be present. The absence of the three (03) Russians and the athlete from Belarus (01), all disqualified from competing by World Taekwondo due to the war involving Russia and Ukraine, is noteworthy.


-54 kg. Omar Salim (HUN) -present-.
-58 kg. Raising Ravet (FRA) -present- -63 kg.
-63 kg. Hakan Recber (TUR) -present- -present-
-68 kg. Sarmat Tcakoev (RUS) -absent- -absent-
-74 kg. Karol Robak (POL) -absent- -80 kg.
-80 kg. Maksim Khramtsov (RUS) -absent-
-87 kg. Yuri Kirichenko (RUS) -absent- -87 kg.
+87 kg Armán Marshall (BEL) -absent-

In the women’s category, seven (07) of the eight categories in contention will have the defending champion from Sofia 2021, highlighting the presence of Tokyo 2020 Olympic champion Matea Jelic -67 kg (CRO).

0-46 kg. Lena Stojkovic (CRO) -present-.
-49 kg. Adriana Cerezo (ESP) -present-
-53 kg Tatiana Kudashova (RUS) -absent-.
-57 kg. Jade Jones (GB) -present-
-62 kg. Bruna Vuletic (CRO) -present-
-67 kg. Matea Jelic (CRO) -present-
-73 kg. Rebecca McGowan (GB) -present-
+73 kg. Bianca Walkden (GB) -present-

Carlos Hernandez