FRANCE. From 29 June to 02 July, European Taekwondo had a great international celebration with the presence of 40 countries from four (04) continents in the European Masters Championship (Poomsae & Kyrougi), the European ParaTaekwondo Championships and Open ParaTaekwondo, culminating with the second Solidarity Open 2023.

These four activities were successfully held at the Complexe Sportif Chateau Blanc in Montargis, a city that despite the protests that have originated in the country, did not go to the extreme of suspending the championships to the joy of all.

Spain in the Masters category, Turkey in Parataekwondo and the powerful clubs of France showed off in the Solidarity Open with consolidated teams, while Asian nations such as Japan, Korea, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, from America such as Mexico, Brazil, Aruba, United States, Argentina and Africa with Mali, Ivory Coast, Morocco, showed their progress in the discipline of Taekwondo and Parataekwondo.

The organizer of the event, Master Mamadou Bassoum, said that the success of the tournament was due to the brilliance of the athletes, coaches, referees and officials who have shown an indomitable spirit to overcome the difficulties and make a great tournament.

Thanked ETU President Sakis Pragalos for his leadership and support to emerging organisers trying to develop events in different locations. «We will make every effort to improve and continue to work towards the massification of the sport in our regions,«, said Mamadou.

Mamadou Bassoum.

He thanked the authorities of the city of Montargais, for taking care of the smooth running of the competition, the European Taekwondo Union, World Taekwondo, the French Federation for their unconditional support, as well as sponsors, including the Mcdonals corporation, for collaborating in these great days of Taekwondo that involved children, youth, adults of all categories and modalities.

Technical support

Ioannis Mouroutsos, ETU Sport, Bruno Brugnano, technical delegate of the open competition for WT, representatives of ParaTaekwondo, Chakir Chelbat, Usman Dildar,Moustapha Akkouh, CSB, members of the European refereeing team, did a great job in Montargis, as well as the WT ParaTaekwondo classifiers.


The Complexe Sportif Chateau Blanc hosted five competition areas where coordination with the medical staff flowed at all times, while the OVR system worked efficiently for the benefit of the athletes.

The beautiful medals awarded to the players were congratulated by the athletes as they stood on the winners’ podium. The tournament also opened on time and closed daily at a very comfortable hour, due to the smooth running of the five competition areas.

World class

The main stars of Parataekwondo came to France for the European and Open tournaments, showing their great potential.

The Parataekwondo events had a World Cup side. Coach Janet Alegria (Mexico) indicated that the tournament has shown a high level «with very difficult categories to win».

Peace won.

And although the city did not live its best moment during these days of championships, Taekwondo and ParaTaekwondo in Montargis did not stop, which speaks of the determination of the organisers and officials to meet the challenge to conclude despite the nerves that may arise for everyone. In the end, we sing victory over violence.

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By. Carlos Hernandez