After ten (10) days of intense activity in Poomsae, Parataekwondo, High Performance Kyrougy, cadets and youth categories, the seventh edition of the WT President Cup 2022 came to an end.

The activity took place at the Fafa Resort in the city of Dürres-Albania, a place surrounded by luxury and comfort for the enjoyment of the 2000 participants involved.

Five octagons were set up, all with live bouts, while the graphics theme was provided by the company

In a schedule that allowed an optimal development of each category and modality; Athletes, coaches, judges, officials, technical staff, press and volunteers lived emotions in the heat of Taekwondo and in the pursuit of glory.

The President of the Albanian Taekwondo Federation Mr. Endri Hoxha and the co-organizer of the WTPC 2022, Mr. Leo Kapri, also vice president of this federation, agreed to thank the European Taekwondo Union, the World Taekwondo, national authorities, athletes, coaches, judges, volunteers, among others, for the consolidation of this event on Albanian soil.

Regugiada Afgana.

Refugee athletes, Parataekwondo, Olympians, world champions, youth, from all categories of the powerful European continent, demonstrated their desire to triumph in this successful return to competition this 2022 that also received athletes from Asia, America and Africa.


Elite athletes such as Jade Jones, Bianca Walkden (GB), Simone Alessio, Vitto Dell’aquila (Italy), Cheick Cisse (CIV), and award-winning coaches such as Dragan Jovic (Serbia), Claudio Nolano (Italy), Juan Antonio Ramos (Norway), Rosendo Alonso (France), Metin (Turkey), Marjan (Croatia), among other great coaches of the world, said yes to the President’s Cup 2022.

Russia was the country that obtained the most results in the High Performance, winning 20 medals in the world categories, and was also the leader in youth and Cadets. In Parataekwondo, Turkey dominated, while in Poomsae, several nations shared the honours, with Denmark and an emerging Croatia standing out.


The Albanian Taekwondo Federation explained that this event has been a great learning experience for the organisation of upcoming WT Taekwondo tournaments, as the ETU U21 and the Albania Open 2022 are scheduled for October in the city of Tirana.

Officials present

A large number of officials from the European Taekwondo Union (ETU) were present in Dürres to work and coordinate the technical and logistical aspects efficiently.

Representing ETU President Sakis Pragalos in Dürres were other ETU members, among them Mr. Slavi Binev, ETU Secretary General Mr. Antonio Barbarino, ETU Council member Ms. Effie Zikouli, Gioannis Mouroutsos, Kenneth Schunken, Ali Sagirkaya. On the technical side Mr. Chakir Chelbat, Mahammed Argoubi and Usman Dildar were in their areas.

On the subject of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the ETU ensured that part of the delegation had the funds to travel overland to their country.

On the environment understood by the difficulty of the moment the Ukrainian and Russian athletes participated normally and without any incident until the end of the competition, showing civility, martial art and Olympism.


At the beginning of the activities, an ETU commission met with the Albanian Minister of Sports, which allows a connection for the development of European Taekwondo in unusual cities and countries, to create further opportunities for employment and cultural relations.

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