The European zone Taekwondo Judges Selection Camp was successfully completed, an activity that was carried out in Brussels with the World Taekwondo evaluators.

Song Chul Kim and Amely Moras, technical director and head of referees of the World Taekwondo Federation, indicated that 70 of the best judges in Europe participated in Brussels.

After these days of work that included blood pressure and vision medical exams, physical skills test, signal push button exam and video replay, only 16 referees will be selected.

The World Taekwondo will inform later who are the eight (08) men and (08) eight women who will enter the next phase with the judges from all the continents who have passed the tests.

The following evaluations are directly in the field of work. Specifically in World Taekwondo events such as Grand Prix and world events, where they will be evaluated.

We consulted the evaluators what requirements Olympic referees must have for the Taekwondo competition.

Physical appearance, good health, knowledge of the rules are important, and experience is also necessary to handle such a high-pressure event, they agreed.

The best judges in Europe, have completed two (03) successful days of evaluations in the Training Camp and Selection of Olympic referees for Paris 2024.

This event has been supervised by the Technical Director of the World Taekwondo, Mr. Song Chul Kim, Mrs. Amely Moras, Refereeing Director of the World Taekwondo, Mohamed Shaaban and WT staff, supported in logistics by the Belgian Taekwondo Federation.

On the first day of the event, the European judges summoned by the World Taekwondo, carried out some video replay practices, also scoring, pressure measurement and reaction tests.

The second day the tests were already established starting with the Scoring & IVR Test, Games Management and signal test.

For this Thursday, March 16, the Medical Check Up, Physical and written test.

The World Taekwondo staff indicated that with this European camp the testing process by continent is completed.

Taekwondo Judges

The community of international Taekwondo referees remains a fundamental part of the sport. The opening has allowed more and more people to become interested in being members of this community.

Getting to an Olympic Games is the culmination of many events and experience, as well as tests. For the master Moustapha Akkouh, one of the hosts of this European event, the presence of the best referees on the continent is an honor.

«Being here already participating makes them worthy of recognition. They are undoubtedly of great value for taekwondo. Here in Belgium the atmosphere of the judges has been familiar. The friendship and respect they have for their great work in the field is noticeable. Taekwondo field,» Akkouh said.

Akkouh took the opportunity to thank the city of Brussels for hosting great events, especially Mayor Philippe Close and consul Of Sport Bennoit Hellings.

Closing of the event

Once the days are over, the WT will have a few days to review the results and inform who have been selected for the other phase of the selection process for Paris 2024, which includes performance in the Grand Prix and the World Championship in Baku.

Carlos Hernandez

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