EUROPE-. In an act of solidarity between the Taekwondo family, a prestigious brand from the world of martial arts is collaborating to support fifteen Ukrainian families who have been left homeless by the crisis in Ukraine.

«We want to thank you for the support to invitation of Germany taekwondo club TSV 1865 Dachau, President Wolfgang Moll, head coach Demirhan Aydin and sponsor Kwon, for all The help», Says coach Ukraine National Team, Valerii Bruns.

Athletes juniors Ukraine National Team continue preparations for World Juniors Championships in Bulgaria. «We want to participate in this world sporting event. That the young people have that focus and concentration».

We want to tell the European Union Taekwondo, help and support Ukrainian athletes, give the opportunity to take part in G-2 tournaments.

We  want train and prepare for the World Championships in Taekwondo and the Olympic Games Paris 2024.

Carlos Hernández (MT).