Taekwondo Tokio -68 Kg: «The Last Dance» for Korean Lee Dae Hoon (Draws).

If there is a Taekwondo athlete with superior Olympic gold medal desires, it is undoubtedly the South Korean Lee Dae Hoon, considered a super fighting machine, triple world champion, record man by winning more than 14 Grand Prix, Asian champion, and two-time Olympic medalist, London 2012 and Rio 2016, with silver and bronze respectively.

The Korean, who has already been in the national team since 2011, several times awarded by the World Taekwondo as the best athlete of the year, winner of the 70 thousand dollars prize of the Grand Slam events in Wuxi, has lived real nightmares for not winning the Olympic gold, which definitely represents the final consecration for the Koreans.

Dae Hoon Lee,and Alexey Danisenko.

For Tokyo 2020 Lee Dae Hoon comes with the relief that many of his biggest rivals, such as Joel Gonzalez, Jordan’s Ahmad Abughaush and Turkey’s Servet Tazegul have already retired, however, the -68 kg division looks with great attractions that have also dared to defeat him, so the competition in these Olympic Games in Tokyo looks indecipherable for a category that has always generated expectations.

The British Bradly Sinden, current world champion in Manchester, and the Spanish Javier Perez Polo, both capable of being in the first position, stand out. Joining this new crop of champions are Jaouad Achab (BEL), the 58 kg Rio Olympic champion and 62 kg world champion, China’s Shuai Zhao, and the dangerous Iranian, Mirhashem Hosseini.


Edival Pontes BRA.

The American continent stands out with the presentation of the Brazilian Edival Pontes, who is Pan American champion. The Dominican Bernardo Pie joins them, and as wild cards for this dangerous group, the Turkish Hakan Recber and the Uzbek Ulugbek Rashitov, all of them very strong for the competition.

Bernardo Pie RD.