The Dominican Republic continues its preparations to receive 24 vo. World Military Taekwondo Championship, which will take place in the Sports Circle of the Armed Forces and National Police – Olympic Village – in the capital of the Island.

This event will feature the best Taekwondo competitors in the military branch, featuring world and Olympic medalists from over 135 invited nations, who will face in Poomsae (Forms) and Kirougy (Combat), from 24 to 31 of October.

The maximum competition of Taekwondo for military, is a tournament  of history and of mystic.

Foto: CISM.

Ruben Dario Paulino Sem, (Minister of Defense DR)  confirmed his complete support to the organization of the CISM.

Juan Ramón Soto de la Rosa, President of the Board of Directors of the Sports Circle of the Armed Forces and of the National Police, who, jointly with the Dominican Federation of TKD, presided over by the Ing. Francisco Camacho, have reviewed the technical part of the activity.


Gabriel Mercedes (DR)

For the story, athletes like the legendary Adalberto Escoto, at the beginning of Taekwondo as a sport, Ivan Tejeda, world medalist in Korea 1985, brothers Francisco and Miguel Camacho, Luis Benitez, Dennis Vizcaino, Jhohanny Bartemi, Yacomo Garcia, the Olympic and world medalist, Gabriel Mercedes, among others, and now; with the new layer of athletes composed by the Olympic medalist, Luisito Pie, Bernardo Pie, Moises Hernandez, Daysy Montes de Oca, Katherine Rodriguez, Enmanuel Mateo, Candelaria Marte, and those who follow in the footsteps, Good Taekwondo for a while.


Luisito Pie

In taekwondo, the CISM Top athletes managed to win two bronze medals in olympic games: Patimat Abakarova (AZE) defeated Soldat Yasmina AZIEZ (FRA) in the bronze medal contest of the women’s -49kg category while Pvt Luisito Pie (DOM) took the third place by winning his bronze medal contest against Tortosa Cabrera (ESP) in the men’s -58kg category.

Hedaya Ahmed Malak Wahba (EGY), who took the gold medal in the -62kg category in the 2015 CISM World Summer Games in Mungyeong, finished on the third step of the podium in the women’s -57kg here in Rio de Janeiro! It’s also the first time that an Egyptian woman won a medal in taekwondo at the Olympic Games.
Radik Isayev (AZE) the gold medal contest of the men’s +80kg category in Rio.
Oussama Oueslati won the first medal for the Tunisian army with his bronze medal in the male -80kg in taekwondo.


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