The Winner Israel Open 2022 held last weekend in Ramla, Israel, was a success in terms of participation and organisation. Athletes, coaches, judges and promoters experienced a beautiful event full of professionalism and friendliness of the people of Israel.

The event held in the Kyriat Menachen Sports Hall welcomed athletes from Asia, Africa, Europe and America in the high performance category, with the support of the Israeli sports authorities, private sponsors, and the endorsement of the World Taekwondo (WT).


In the Senior division (G2), the distribution of the gold medals of the Israel Open 2022 was as follows: South Korea took three (03) golds, Belgium (02), Germany (01), Macedonia (01), Hungary (01), Ivory Coast (01), while the hosts took four golds to be crowned champions of the event in the sum of the G2 medal tally.


The very professional setting of the championships allowed the judges to do a great job, complying with the new Olympic Taekwondo rules. The Parataekwondo athletes also demonstrated their talent in the competition, giving an exhibition of great Taekwondo.

"We really liked coming here to compete in this great event. Congratulations for the success obtained," said Rodrigo Ferla, technician from Brazil.

This event means a lot to the Israeli Federation. Its president, Noa Shmida, has worked hard with her team to make the competition a high level one and she has succeeded.

Noa Shmida, Israel Taekwondo Federation

“We are very happy that 20 countries came to this competition from four continents. We will continue to create opportunities for taekwondo to continue to grow and increase in popularity,” explained Shmida, who has worked hard to develop ideas that will benefit her country’s athletes.

Special guests at the tournament, such as the chairman of the Israel Paralympic Committee, Eli Birnbaum, athletes and coaches have praised the event, especially the attentions of the hosts to the participants. The national teams of Palma de Mallorca, Galicia and the renowned club of Jesus Tortosa, all from Spain, expressed gratitude for the support for the competition and the Training Camp that lasted until 18 August.

Sharing experiences

The Training Camp was held with athletes from Belgium, Ivory Coast, Lesotho, Cyprus, Israel, Brazil, Hungary, Lithuania, Spain, Ecuador and Bulgaria.

On the activities, event and training, legendary coach, Moustapha Akkouh, said. “We have been witnessing a great event that ended with the possibility of training with several coaches, where we shared knowledge, especially ideas on the subject of the new regulations,” he explained.

Here are the winners of the senior categories.

Here are the winners of the Cadet and Junior competitions.


Kyriat Menachen Sports Hal
Entities that supported the event:
Ministry of Culture and Sports
Toto - for sports in Israel
Toto Winner - Toto Winner
DNR insurance agency, and CEO Yossi Ben Zvi for the successful partnership.
Municipality of Ramla Mayor Michael Vidal and Nissim Ron Director of the Sports and Events Division
The Olympic Committee in Israel
The Israeli Paralympic Committee, The Israel Association of Sports for the Disabled
Double Punch Company - Import and marketing of martial arts equipment
 Pro Competition Manager Rami Cleott Rami Kliot
Manager of the Moti Edri contest
Producer Hadar Ben Dror Hadar Ben Dror and C Media
Ariella Shalom, Yaniv Nahum, Lev Raznikov, Lev Reznikov, Yossi Sharer, Ariella Shalom, Yaniv Nahum,  Yosi Sherer and Yaron Weinberg
The PR of the champions for the destination 'Ruch Gavit' - public relations, Liad Ruhu and Oshri Dudai.

More Picture Facebook: Israel Taekwondo Federation (Gilad Kavalershik).

By. Ricardo Hernández.