The young Bulgarian Taekwondo team works tirelessly seeking to transcend in high performance Taekwondo. Since the beginning of the year, Elite athletes have been preparing.

Five (05) of the enthusiastic athletes from Bulgaria have secured their participation in the next European Olympic Games in Poland.

It is expected that through classifications, our country will take 2 more places in Taekwondo, which will be a sensation for the sport in Bulgaria to take seven in total.

At the moment, Bulgaria has the athletes Lyubomir Bogdanov (54 kg), Bozhidar Avramov (63 kg), Mitko Georgev (68 kg), Kaloyan Binev (74 kg) and Nicolet Kostova (49 kg), who are officially classified by the Bulgarian Olympic Committee to participate. The team will be led by the national coach Farzad Zolkhadri.

These young Bulgarians have begun an intense preparation with a view to raising their technical level and increasingly improving their position in the World Taekwondo ranking.

The European Olympic Games will take place in Poland from June 21 to July 2 and will feature Europe’s most successful athletes.

Bulgaria protagonist

Bulgarian taekwondo strengthens its key role in the sport with the upcoming celebration of two (02) of the most important championships in the world of taekwondo.

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Bulgarian Open 2023 – G2 (from March 3 to 6) and the European Club Championship from April 27 to 30, 2023. The host of both flagship events is the Bulgarian Olympic Taekwondo Federation, and the event city is Sofia.

Slavi Binev.

All Bulgarian athletes, cadet, junior and senior are working to represent the country. The Taekwondo Federation and its leader, Slavi Binev, wants Bulgaria to have an excellent participation with its athletes, and also as a host of events.

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