Dürres Beach.

For this 7th edition of the European President’s Cup (G2) from February 17th to 27th, which will be held in Dürres, we will not only point out all the Kyrougi and Poomsae content you want to see, but we will also take the time to talk about Albania, a country that has to be talked about.

50 countries, more than 1.300 athletes, 600 officials and coaches.


Starting from Tirana, its capital, we stand before a city with a lot of intentions for you to visit, with Skanderbeg Square, its culinary mix between Turkish and Greek food, as well as its own mythical dishes such as Byrek, Baklava, Qofte, and many more tastings.

Albania is also known for its mountainous landscapes, its coastline and its friendly people who welcome tourists with good energy.

Tournament venue.

The President’s Cup 2022 will be held in a large hotel in Dürres.

Dürres is a tourist town, which is an excellent choice when it comes to travel and sightseeing, as it is Albania’s low-cost coastal paradise.

This southeastern European country has a dark red flag with a black double-headed eagle in the centre, symbolising strength, warrior’s blood, bravery and courage.