The European Taekwondo Union delegation visited the Minister of Education and Sports of Albania, Mrs Evis Kushi during the WT President Cup 2022.

The ETU Acting President, Mr. Slavi Binev, the ETU General Secretary, Mr. Antonio Barbarino – Taekwondo and the ETU Council Member, Ms Effie Zikouli, accompanied by Albania Taekwondo President, Mr. Endri Hoxha and the co-organizer of the WTPC2022, Mr. Leo Kapri, Grand Master Kim, Marsel Peti technical Director (Alb), visited Tirana and met the Minister and expressed their appreciation for the state support for the development of taekwondo in the country.

Mr. Binev and Mr. Barbarino informed the Minister about the next event that will take place next October in Tirana, the ETU U21 Championships, while Ms Zikouli confirmed that the European G4 Senior Championships Manchester 2022 and European G4 Para Championships Manchester 2022 will also be aired in Albania.

ETU Taekwondo promotes the inclusion of refugee athletes.

It was an amazing opportunity to discuss the development of taekwondo in the country as well as the transformation of sports in Albania according the new actions and laws of the government.

The delegation thanked his Excellency the Minister of Albania  Minister of Education and Sports, Mrs Evis Kushi for  his kindness.

Slavi Binev ,Antonio Barbarino ,Endri Hoxha ,Kim Yong Ki ,Leo Kapri ,Marsel Peti.
Athletes, Juirdo Cani and Ardit Hakcani
European Taekwondo Union ETU, agree that the development of Taekwondo also allows to show other cities and unusual countries, and in this way create other opportunities for employment and cultural relations.

The President’s Cup 2022 has been a success of participation with more than 2000 people including athletes, coaches, judges, managers, technical staff, volunteers, enjoying first class facilities in front of the beautiful Adriatic Sea.

Carlos Hernández