Only 68 countries have won medals at the World Taekwondo Championships held every two years since World Taekwondo was founded in 1973.

On the European continent, at least thirty (30) countries have at least once stepped up to Taekwondo’s top sporting competition.

The Spanish Federation is second in the world ranking with an impressive (111) medals, and is historically dominant in the old continent, if we compare the figures with the rest of the European countries.

In our tour through the official WT data, Spain is the second country in the world with more world champions with 22 golds, 26 silvers and 63 bronzes.

If we only talk about Europe, Spain is followed by Turkey with 15 gold, 21 silver and 33 bronze medals (69).

The European trilogy of top gold medal winners at World Championships goes to Great Britain, which has won a total of (23) medals, with 07 gold, 08 silver and 08 bronze respectively.

Germany would be number 4 in the European ranking with (52) metals in total.

They are followed by France (34), Netherlands (25), Azerbaijan (15), Russia (34), Denmark (11), Croatia (24), Serbia (08), Italy (22), Greece (22), Belgium (05), Portugal (02),
Ukraine (01), Sweden (07), Belarus (04), Slovenia (03), Hungary (03), Norway (03), Switzerland (03), Austria (02), Cyprus (02), Finland (02), Latvia (02), Moldova (02), Bulgaria (01), Israel (01), Poland (01).

World Vs Olympic

Nowadays the world medals have lost importance with the Olympic results, although in practice winning a world championship is equivalent to winning around seven (07) bouts, while in an Olympic event you must win at least four (04).

Victor Estrada (Mex). «The significance of a world medal in many countries does not represent the value of the effort, on the other hand, an Olympic medal changes the life of the athlete,» says Prof. Victor Estrada, world and Olympic medallist from Mexico.

The maximum winner of world medals in Kyrougy is the birthplace of Taekwondo, South Korea with 239 in his account, being distributed in 171 golds, 32 silvers and 36 bronzes.


Speaking of world championships, the last one took place in 2019 in Manchester GB. With the Coronavirus pandemic, the World Cup that was to be held in China was cancelled. So far in 2022 there is no official venue so far. A rumour arose that Mexico had intentions to host it. Nothing is definite yet

Carlos Hernandez