Aziz Acharki (48) is a renowned Taekwondo competitor who won important titles for Germany, standing out internationally for his great technical quality and physical strength.

Aziz Acharki started his career with a bronze medal at the World Taekwondo Championships in New York 1993 in the 64-70 kg category.

However, his breakthrough came in Manila in 1995, where he captured the world championship in the -70 kg category by defeating Mexico’s Roberto Estrada in the final fight.

The German athlete also won medals at the European Taekwondo Championships, a very competitive continent.

He started with bronze in 1994 (Croatia) and then maintained his hegemony in 1996 (Finland) and 2000 (Greece) with gold medals.

Conditions to fight

Watching him compete was a privilege. His great vision to score points was one of his great peculiarities that he combined with an excellent physical endurance.

Personally, many people agree that he is a gentleman.

Having ended his spectacular sporting career with an appearance at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Aziz has excelled as a coach in Germany and Saudi Arabia.

Carlos Hernandez