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USA-. Fausett, is an Olympic and National Team coach in the sport of taekwondo, governed by the World Taekwondo Federation and recognized by the International Olympic Committee as one of only two Asian martial arts included in the official Olympic program. Currently, a 4th Dan Black Belt (Master Instructor) and graduate of Texas A&M University (B.Sc. – Psychology).

 Fausett also operates as an independent coach and consultant for athletes, teams, and high-performance organizations around the world. Prior to coaching in the sport of taekwondo, Fausett was a state, national, and international medalist in the middle and heavyweight divisions.

 Since 2002, he is most notably recognized for his work with and contributions towards the success of the “First Family of Taekwondo,” Olympic and World Championship medalists: Steven, Mark, and Diana Lopez. In addition to working with the Lopez’s, Fausett has coached and trained numerous other junior, collegiate, and senior national team members in the United States and abroad for Elite Taekwondo including: Amber Means (USA), Sammy Saltimachia (USA), Tal Moriah (USA), Emilio Dosal (Puerto Rico), and Peter Lopez (USA/Peru) to name a few.

 In mid 2007, Fausett started worked closely with the German Olympic Team and their coaches as a high-performance consultant during the preparation and qualification phases for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. The following year, Germany qualified all four spots (the maximum allowed) for the Beijing Games putting them in elite company with a “full team” participating at the 2008 Olympics. Even more remarkable was that Germany did not have a single athlete representative in the 2004 Athens Olympic Games just a mere four years earlier.

 As well as working with the German Olympic Team, in 2007 – 2008, Fausett hosted and trained the fourth U.S. Olympic Team Member, Charlotte Craig, and traveled to Beijing, China for the 2008 Olympics as an Athlete Liaison. In April of 2009, he was appointed to the U.S. National Team as an Assistant Coach, and his first assignment for Team USA was to scout the competition and application/interpretation of the new rules developed by the World Taekwondo Federation at the World Cup Team Championships being held in Baku, Azerbaijan.

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 Fausett’s scouting report and game-time strategies developed from that event resulted in the United States placing 5th overall in the team standings (2 x Gold and 1 x Bronze) at the World Championships held in Copenhagen, Denmark that same year; its second highest ranking, ever, in its 35 year history (2005 was the highest ranking for the United States in the team standings with 3 x Gold and 1 x Bronze – all from Elite Taekwondo).

 Most recently, Fausett was recruited and hired by the Brazilian Olympic Committee (Comitê Olímpico Brasileiro) to coach 2005 World Champion and 2008 Olympic medalist, Natália Falavigna at the 2011 Pan American Olympic Qualifier and the 2012 Olympic Games. Two years removed from competition due to double knee surgeries, Fausett took on the task of helping prepare Falavigna and coached her to victory in the women’s +67 kg weight category at the Pan American Olympic Qualifier in Querétaro, Mexico; besting both the 2011 Pan American Games gold medalist (Cuba) and the 2008 Beijing Olympic gold medalist (Mexico) in back-to-back matches.

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 Unfortunately, Falavigna’s quest to capture Olympic gold and repeat as an Olympic medalist was cut short when she broke her right foot in her opening round match against Korea’s – In-jong Lee, during the women’s +67 kg preliminary competition at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Falavigna was winning by a score of 4-3 at the time of the injury.

After taking a one year hiatus in 2013 to focus on several  personal endeavors, Fausett is now back to coaching and consulting full-time; working closely with several individual athletes, coaches, clubs, teams, and organizations, both domestically in the United States and internationally, in preparation for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and beyond.

 With nearly 30 years of combined knowledge as a taekwondo coach and athlete, coupled with over a decade of professional experience as a high-performance consultant and project manager, Coach Fausett is one of the brightest, most respected, and sought after individuals in the sport’s community today. Considered a true “student of the game”, innovative strategist, and phenomenal tactician; very few coaches in the sport of taekwondo, if any, have the breadth, range, and wealth of knowledge Fausett brings to the table in regards to successful athlete development and performance from the grassroots level all the way up to the Olympic Games.


2014 – Present: Coach (Legacy Taekwondo)
§  2014 Dominican Open: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
§  2014 U.S. Open: Las Vegas, Nevada
§  2014 U.S. National Team Trials
2011 – 2012: Coach (Brasil)
§  2012 Olympic Games: London, England
§  2012 Olympic Games Preparation Camps
§  2012 Spanish Open: Alicante, Spain
§  2011 Pan American Olympic Qualifier: Querétaro, Mexico
§  2011 Pan American Games (Scout): Guadalajara, Mexico
2009 – 2011: Assistant Coach (USA Taekwondo)
§  2010 World Cup: Urumqi, China
§  2010 Spanish Open: Alicante, Spain
§  2010 U.S. Open: Las Vegas, Nevada
§  2009 World Taekwondo Championships: Copenhagen, Denmark
§  2009 World Cup (Scout): Baku, Azerbaijan
2008: Athlete Liaison (USA Taekwondo)
§  2008 Olympic Games: Beijing, China
2002 – 2008: Coach (Elite Taekwondo)
§  2008 Olympic Games Preparation Camps
§  2008 U.S. Junior National Team Trials
§  2008 Puerto Rican Junior National Team Trials: San Juan, Puerto Rico
§  2008 Puerto Rican National Championships: San Juan, Puerto Rico
§  2007 Pan American Olympic Qualifier (Scout): Cali, Colombia
§  2007 World Taekwondo Championships (Scout): Beijing, China
§  2007 U.S. Senior National Team Trials
§  2007 U.S. Junior National Team Trials
§  2005 World Taekwondo Championships (Scout): Madrid, Spain
§  2004 Olympic Games Preparation Camps
§  2003 World Taekwondo Championships (Scout): Garmisch, Germany
§  2002 – 2006 U.S. Senior National Team Trials
§  2002 – 2006 U.S. Senior National Championships
§  2002 – 2006 U.S. Junior Olympics
1997 – 2001: Athlete (United States Taekwondo Union)
§  State, National, and International medalist (Middle/Heavyweight)
1987: Junior Athlete (Texas State Taekwondo Association)
§  State champion (Light-heavyweight)

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