The European continent swept the Taekwondo tests at the Olympic Games, thanks to the dominance of Russia, (Russian Olympic Committee), Croatia, Serbia and Italy, countries that accumulated five (05) gold medals out of eight (08) possible.

The Asian continent obtained two golds granted by Thailand and Uzbekistan, while America obtained one (01) gold through the United States.

The great and historic Taekwondo teams such as Korea, China, and Iran, failed to obtain gold medals, while the team where the best results were expected (Great Britain), only captured a silver and a bronze.

Africa also had a considerable downturn from the Rio 2016 Games, as the finalists of that tournament were left off the podium.

Korea and Spain also saw a decline from their historic results, in a tournament where youth and adaptation combined with boldness were shown to be a ticket to the podium. 

Russia Power

Russia as the only team with two golds is positioned as the main Olympic power in this sport, as they obtained 4 medals out of five possible.

Results -49 Kg.

1-.Wongpattanakit Panipak (THA)
2-.Adriana Cerezo (ESP)
3-.Semberg Abishag (ISR)
3-. Tijana Bogdanovic (SRB)

Results -58 Kg.

1-.Vito Dell’aquila (ITA)
2-.Jendoubi Mohamed (TUN)
3-.Artamonov Mikhail (ROC)
3-.Jun Jang (KOR)

Results 57 Kg.

 1-.Anastasjia Zolotic (USA)

2-.Tatiana Minina (ROC)

3-.Lo Chia Ling (TAI)

3-. Hatice Kubra (TUR)

Results. -68 KG. 

1-. Ulugbek Rashitov (UZB)

2-.Bradly Sinden (GB)

3-.Hakan Recber (TUR)

3-. Zhao Shuai (CHI)

Results -67 Kg.

1-.Jelic Matea CRO

2-.Lauren Williams GB

3-. Hedaya Malak EGY

3-. Gbagbi Ruth  CIV

Results – 80 Kg.

1-. Khramtcov Maksin ROC

2-. Elsharabaty Saleh JOR

3-. Kanaet Toni CRO

3-. Eissa  Seif EGY

Results +80 Kg

1-.Larin  Vladislav (ROC)

2-. Georgievski Dejan (MAC)

3-. Rafael Alba Castillo (CUB)

3-. IN Kyo Don (KOR)

Results +67 Kg.

1-.Milica Mandic (SER)

2-.Lee  Dabin (KOR)

3-. Laurin Althea (FRA)

3-. Bianca Walkden (GB)

Carlos Hernández (MT).