Sakis Pregalos (Greece) will continue to lead the management of the European Taekwondo Union, by being unanimously defined in the framework of the Extraordinary Assembly of the ETU, which is held from Istanbul (Turkey).

As Vice-Presidents of the ETU, were Anatoliy Terekhov (Russia), Metin Şahin (Turkey) Angelo Cito (Italy) and Jesús Castellanos (Spain).

Europe is the current world power of Taekwondo, obtaining a majority of gold medals in the Olympic Games.  They also led the Tokyo entry list by Ranking.

This continent leads in the organization of events and its members remain united seeking improvements to the sport.

Sakis Pragalos re-elected as ETU President

Sakis Pragalos, 57, was re-elected as President of ETU. Mr. Pragalos was the only candidate for the office of President. Also, 4 Vice-presidents were elected: Mr. Jesus Castellanos (ESP), Metin Sahin (TUR), Anatoly Terekov (RUS) and Angelo Cito (ITA).

Also 15 Council members were elected. Mrs. Anna Vassalo became the first female Vice-president of ETU. Also President Pragalos appointed Mrs. Enggaard Kempf (DEN), Mrs. Effie Zikouli (GRE) and Mrs. Fresia Pérez (SWE) as Council member. Mr. Antonio Barbarino (GER) was appointed as Secretary-General, Mr. Alexander Minev (BUL) as deputy Secretary-General and Mr. Norbert Welu (LUX) as Treasurer. Also Mr. Slavi Binev (BUL), Mr. Fred Buitenhuis (NED) and Mr. Stefan Klawiter (GER) were appointed as Vice-president.

The General Assembly approved the financial statements of the year 2019-2020 and also the policy plans for the next Olympic Cycle were approved.

ETU will further focus on standardization of the G1 events in Europe, guaranteeing similar event operations and thus providing the coaches and athletes equal events experiences throughout Europe.

Also it was decided to establish an autonomous and separated organization for Para Taekwondo in Europe after thorough discussion with WT President dr. Choue about this European proposal. The Sport Vision 2021-2024, a policy plan to guide ETU through the next years was approved by the members

Carlos Hernandez.