ALBANIA-. Poomsae athletes from various parts of Europe participated today in the #Poomsae competitions of the 2022 President’s Cup taking place in Dürres, Albania.

The individual, team Poomsae, pair and frees style competitions of this great tournament are held at the five star Fafa Resort.

This event is organized by the sports association » Top Gym Sport» with president Leo Kapri, and the association » Taekwondo center» with president Endri Hoxha.

This team made a great effort to prepare the stage inside the resort, to give a guarantee of safety and comfort to all the athletes coming from more than 50 countries.

Referees of the European Taekwondo Union (ETU) attending in the Poomsae modality the 7th President Cup 2022 held in Dürres Albania.
The technical activity was coordinated by the international judge Mustapha Moutarazak and Mohamed Arguobi.

The Organizing Committee of the President’s Cup 2022 is grateful for the attention of the Albanian Olympic Committee, as well as the authorities of the Ministry of Sport for their great support to sport in this country.

The European Taekwondo Union, (ETU), presided by Sakis Pragalos, is with its most important officials providing all the necessary technical support for the events to be held with high quality.

For today, February 18, another day of Poomsae is scheduled. In addition, the teams that will compete in Para Taekwondo on the 19th of this month are already arriving.

The days of the President’s Cup will have the senior category from 20 to 23 with the presence of world and Olympic champions from various parts of the world.

From the 24th to the 27th, the youngest will take part in this European festival.

Great event.

According to registration data, this competition will host approximately 2,000 people, including athletes, coaches, judges, delegates, team leaders, specialized technical personnel and the media.

Recognized Poomsae Individual Under 30

1). Anh viet VU (Czech Republic)
2). Benjamin HARDER (Denmark)
3). Josip ŠTEKO (Croatia)
3). Sune OSTLI Norway

Recognized Poomsae Individual [F]Under 30

1). Laerke kamp PEDERSEN (Denmark)
2). Axelle BONNEZ (Belgium)
3).  Daria DENISOVA (Russia)
3). Judita HAJKOVA (Czech Republic).

Recognized Poomsae Team [F]Under 30

1). Silja damm KJOLBO,Annesofie leuenhagen FREDBERG,Caroline mynderup AMBY ( Denmark).

2).  Daria DENISOVA,Maria KHOLODNOVA,Alisa BELOVA (Russia)

Recognized Poomsae Individual Cadets 1

1). Polina N. (Russia)
2) Daria KARTASHEVA (Russia)
3) Anastasiia POLISHCHUK (Russia)

Results Day 2.

Poomsae Individual [M]Under 40

1).Ivan KAIC (Croatia)

Recognized Poomsae Individual [F]Juniors

1) Laura isabel NANCKE (Denmark)
2) Annebell tamayo wittendo (Denmark)
3) Alina ZAIKINA (Russia)
3) Fani PLEŠA (Croatia).

Recognized Poomsae Individual [F]Under 40

1) Fatma TOREHAN (Turkey)
2) Milijana KOVACEVIC (Croatia)
3) Bengu ALKAN CAL (Turkey)
3) Ilkay TEKIN (Turkey)

Recognized Poomsae Pair Under 30

1) Laerke kamp PEDERSEN,Benjamin HARDER (Denmark)

2). Sune OSTLI,Tuva hatlen KJODNES ( Norway)

Recognized Poomsae Team [F]Over 30

1 Fatma TOREHAN,Ilkay TEKIN,Bengu ALKAN CAL (Turkey).

Freestyle Poomsae Individual [M]Over 17

1) Borna PECKO (Croatia)

Freestyle Poomsae Individual [F]Over 17

1) Anastasiia SUMENKOVA (Russia)
2) Tena SMILJANIC (Croatia)

Carlos Hernández / Ricardo Hernández.