The European Taekwondo leader Sakis Pragalos, believes that the constant events in Europe will allow them to maintain a high level to be with excellent competitors at the Paris 2024 Games.

Sakis Pragalos, ETU

«Because without these events, it would be impossible for our athletes to be successful at the Olympics»,said.

«We always follow the Olympics with special interest. This year we posted many posts on social media to support the athletes and to give them power to win medals! However, I think the events we organize and the events our member federations organize are as important as the Olympics», says Pragalos.

Europe has been developing an important international circuit of competitions, highlighting G1/G2 events, such as the open events of Germany, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Croatia,France, among others, which allows the development of all categories, taking advantage of the great possibilities of transportation of the inhabitants of that part of the world.


We are of course very proud and happy that Paris is the next city in which we will have the 2024 Olympics, says Sakis Pragalos, ETU president.

Carlos Hernández /