12 fighting areas on fire at Belgian Open

The 2023 Belgian Open is about to start at the Sooverein Arena in Lommel in a G2 world ranking competition. The president of @taekwondovlaanderen Erik Baert, officially welcomed the...

Taekwondo wants the best Referees for Paris 2024

The European zone Taekwondo Judges Selection Camp was successfully completed, an activity that was carried out in Brussels with the World Taekwondo evaluators. Song Chul Kim and Amely Moras,...

Belgium Taekwondo Open 2023 is full (Schedule)

There is excitement in the air about travelling to Lommel – Belgium to participate in a traditional event that has been on the international scene for over 48 years and is back with a vengeance for the Taekwondo community. THIS...

European Taekwondo referees focus on Paris 2024

BELGIUM. The selection process for Taekwondo referees for the European zone for the Paris Olympic Games has already begun at the Belgian Football Union facilities in Brussels (BEL).

TKD Documental “Woman Making History”.

By. Hankuk https://youtu.be/AgoZsffpT_c

Nuevas figuras se consagran en el CircuitoPan-Am Series 2023

Talentos emergentes y nuevas figuras del taekwondo se erigen desde los Pan-Am Series, una alternativa novedosa que permite a los atletas de la región panamericana sumar puntos vitales camino a la clasificación...

#RoadParis2024 Referees of European Taekwondo meet in Brussels

14-16 march bruselas The most outstanding men and women judges of European Taekwondo meet in Brussels for the continuation of the selective tests towards the Olympic Games in Paris.

Aruba en la cima en Las Vegas

⭐Una nueva estrella de Taekwondo surge en Aruba. La deportista Aleysha Macea dirigida por el Prof. Teo Rodríguez viene logrando resultados importantes para la comunidad arubiana. El coach de...

Bulgaria Open 2023 was a total success

The event organized by the Bulgaria  Taekwondo Federation,  directed by Slavi Binev,  endorsed by the, World European Taekwondo and World Taekwondo, is undoubtedly one of the best events in Europe and the...

Results Bulgaria Open 2023 (Senior, Junior, Cadets, Overall Division)

Bulgaria Open Staff / Directors and Referee Date: 03-05 march Place: Asics Arena, Sofia Bulgaria