Italy (03) Serbia (03), Korea (02), Israel (01), Egypt (01), Jordan (01), Slovenia (01), Kazakistan (01), Refugee (01) and Great Britain (01) were divided the gold medals of the International Galeb Belgrade Trophy Championship, held with great success from October 28 to 30 in Belgrade.

1.Italy 2.Serbia 3.Korea

Carlo Molfetta, Olympic champion in London 2012, part of the Italian coaching staff said upon receiving the champion trophy. «The team is happy. We are working very hard to succeed. The athletes did a great job,» he said.

Two times olympic champion Milic Mandic, and board Serbia Taekwondo.

The event organized by the Galeb Taekwondo Club, directed by the Olympic coach, Dragan Jovic, endorsed by the Serbian Federation, World European Taekwondo and World Taekwondo, is undoubtedly one of the best events in Europe and the world.

Dragan y Nova Jovic.
One of the aspects of the event was that the athletes received their beautiful medals in a wonderful place for winners.

The Serbia Open 2022 has had an impeccable presentation, top-level judges, electronic systems that worked correctly (Kpnp), livestream, draws (taekoplan), press media to give visibility to the public on social networks (mundotaekwondo), punctuality, security and order in the competition.

Sport hall «Ranko Zeravica.

I am happy because we did the event with much love and dedication for the friends of world Taekwondo. We had athletes from five continents, including selected from Korea, and future champions from Japan. In addition, several Olympic medalists from Egypt, Israel, among others, said Dragan Jovic.

Galeb thanked his staff, athletes, judges, coaches, technical staff and taekwondo family for participating in this event.

Good Results

Ronald Sens (Taekoplan) is a legend taking the subject of inscriptions, draws of the event, he was present in this 2022 version. «They have been attending with Dragan for ten consecutive years. This event has been excellent,» said the Dutchman.

Official Picture (IR).

Both the technical delegate of the World Taekwondo, Iliya Dimitrov and Pedrac Tesovic Head of Referees, were satisfied with this Serbian Open 2022. They did a great job supervising all the necessary requirements so that everything is fulfilled in the best possible way.

Coach Staff G2.

Female Results

Male – Kyrougy.

Carlos Hernández