Noah is 15 years old and has practiced the art of Taekwondo since he was 5 years old. 

His modality is sparring (Kyroyugi). He has been part of the fighting team at Edge Taekwondo Academy in Woodside, since the age of six, and has competed regularly and extensively, nationally and internationally since then. 

Noah began competing shortly after he started practicing.

 He won his first National Championship only 9 months after starting TKD in 2012. 

He has since competed at Nationals each year and has won 5 Gold medals 1 Silver and 1 bronze. In 2018, he won a Gold medal and a place on the US National Team, (his dream since the age of 6). 

Noah is currently a multiple time National and International Champion. In addition he has been an ATU National Team Member (2019) as well as a National Team member of the Ecuadorian Federation of TKD (2019-present) here in the United States whom he has represented internationally at several distinguished events.

Most recently Noah took part of a training camp and competition in Colombia at CIARTKD.

He brought back a bronze medal and invaluable experience and camaraderie amongst some of the best taekwondo athletes Latin America has to offer. 

He is highly motivated, disciplined and dedicated.

 Noah works hard  many times while traveling extensively to keep up his condition and motivation. 

Mom, coach, team, friends and loved onesare very proud of his accomplishments.

 He is determined and relentless in his pursuit of his Olympic and World Championship dreams. In August of 2019 he competed at his 1st World Championship in Uzbekistan, although the result was not the one he wanted he walked away equally motivated to continue pursuing his dreams.