Your belt is worn around your heart, never your waist.” – Grandmaster Joseph Lupo Sr.

Taekwondo with Honor.

New York Black Belt Center is a Taekwondo school dedicated to providing a safe and family-oriented Martial Arts experience for students of all ages. Located in Bayside New York, The NYBBC is a no gimmick school dedicated to teaching all students true martial arts. Students are here cause they want to, not because they signed a piece of paper. 

The classes are instructed by Master Joe Lupo Jr. who brings over 30 years of Martial Arts experience. A champion on both International and National levels, Master Lupo is at the forefront of martial arts knowledge and experience. His love and passion for teaching is evident in every class he teaches.

SPARRING CLASS With the international medalist Peter Bardatsos Panagioti

Carlos Hernández, president,  visited this prestigious Taekwondo academy, where its director gave us a shirt from the organization.

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