Taekwondo Clubs from all over Spain will compete in a skilled based competition where the
athletes will compete on their cognitive skills in martial arts.

During the competition, the athletes will perform different exercises based on their abilities such as: Response time, Decision making, Timing and Explosive power.

For the first time, athletes may participate in national and international competitions right from their club with no travelling expenses.

The competition is fun and challenging and provides a unique and empowering experience for the participants. It is suitable for all ages and levels (especially for children who are afraid of getting hit by their opponents in a fight).

There will be even a total money prize of $3,000 for the winners!

The competition will be conducted through the innovative technology of Ludus, that allows to objectively measure cognitive abilities, and connect clubs around the world to perform competition and other events together.

The Ludus platform contains: Smart paddle, Smart wristband, 2 applications and Competition software.

Bridgitte Yague, an Olympic Taekwondo legend and Ludus representative in Spain:

We are very excited to perform the first Ludus Club Championship in spain. We already conducted one competition at the Elite Club, and the athletes enjoyed it very much. It was a great competition where every athlete had a chance to win. Even the parents wanted to participate in the event.. I wish all the clubs good luck in the competition».

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