Great talent, recognition, charisma, love for what he does are part of the praise he receives daily from the young Taekwondoin, Joshua Aguirre from all the people of Taekwondo worldwide. Participating in events in the United States and in various parts of the world he has become known for his excellence in all modalities.

Besides having the support of his parents who guide and support him for all his projects, Joshua is an excellent student. In addition, he is a fan of other martial arts such as Karate, Tang So Do, Kung Fu.

Where was Joshua born?

Born on December 6, 2011 in hershey Pennsylvania , USA from a Cuban father and a Colombian mother.

How was your interest in martial arts born and at what age?.

-Joshua started showing interest in the martial arts around the age of 4 and a half.
-He knew how to get into the tube and put on movies and moves of great exponents like Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris.
-The favorite image he has engraved is of the temple between the two of them.
-Joshua kicked everything in the house. Finally they managed to get a Traditional martial arts school called Family Karate, from Master David Gladwell in Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

Joshua was always very diligent as a child and listened very carefully to their pe-wee and all-star classes, prior to the program for older children in Taekwondo.

-When Joshua was 5 years old he was tested and they realized Joshua’s ability to take a belt at age 5.

He spent every two months in this program, becoming the youngest in his state and the third youngest in the country to hold this belt at the age of 6.

How did Joshua start to compete?

While this was happening, Joshua mentioned to his parents when he was a yellow belt that He wanted to go to a competition to show his Martial arts as well as in the movies.
It was then that Joshua began to awaken his passion for Taekwondo and Martial Arts.

What modality does Joshua compete in?

Poomsae or forms, combat, weapons, breaking, forms creations.

How did Joshua learn Taeguks?

Joshua wanted to continue learning Taekwondo and wanted to compete in scoring tournaments, so the forms that he knew from the beginning were traditional ancient Taekwondo forms. This led Joshua through the YouTube videos to learn it himself, what he could, but then Joshua met his idol and from many Taekwondoines around the world, the person who was in the videos was Master Suji kang, he had the opportunity to be trained by her and belong to the competition team too.

It was a very difficult sacrifice for the whole family, including his little brother Alexander who was only months old, had to drive 6 hours back and forth and sometimes stay in a hotel so that Joshua could train. At the same time, he went to his other weekday trainings in his area with Master Agustin Cuascut at the Cuascut Martial Arts Academy in Lancaster, PA.

Apart from all the effort, he had to share his time and go to seminars and special training for combat with great figures and masters such as Master Jorge Pelaez of Capital City Taekwondo in Trenton, NJ and Master Orlando at United Sports Tkd in Downingtown Pa.

Joshua in the pandemic.

Entering this pandemic everything was more difficult but Joshua had a very big support with several taekwondoines of the world, they created a support group, among them were Eric Frenkle, Brandon Ramos, Enzo, Lawson and of course Master Andrew Park form Eagles Tkd in flushing New york.

He is currently Joshua’s trainer.

Joshua has managed to reach many corners of the planet thanks to technology, he is invited by different teachers and he manages to do virtual classes to share what he has learned at his young age, achieving this way. Connect with people in Philippines, Ecuador, Canada, Australia, Colombia, Peru, Argentina and many more.

Joshua has different platforms to keep motivating young people to keep working out and not give up.
Joshua has been able to form training groups with Masters from different countries to support them in this pandemic.
One of those is with Master Teofilo Rodriquez from Aruba and Master Cesar Remache from Ecuador.

How many medals does Joshua have?

He has won many trophies and medals in open tournaments since he became a yellow belt, he has managed to compete in more advanced divisions of his age handling the weapons as well. Joshua so far has a total of 98 medals, but if we count the victories after the pandemic, the electronic medals will also be about 110 victories.

Joshua and the Community

He has always had the support of his own people, but in this pandemic it was very important to support and motivate them as well. Joshua was chosen as the spokesperson for the influenza campaign because this year it is much more important to be well protected. Also for the publication of the Mask up or in Spanish Put on your mask. He is very happy with these projects.
In all his videos and publications he asks you to protect yourself and to wear the mask.

What styles does Joshua practice in the martial arts?

Joshua practices different branches of traditional Taekwondo like , tangsadoo.
He also knows karate and kung fu figures.
One of his greatest dreams is to create a new style when he grows up.

Joshua wants to show that Taekwondo, the martial arts, is a sport that serves you well in your daily life and teaches you to be courteous, respectful, loving and helpful. It also helps you to have discipline and focus in your life.

What other achievements does Joshua have?

  • Recognized by the mayor of the city and called «Son of Lebanon».
  • Recognized by the government:
  • Received proclamation by state representatives and state senators in Pennsylvania. It was an honor because only heroes of our country are allowed on the floor of the Senate and he was invited to receive this proclamation. He was so humble and happy about this.

Planes future in joshua’s life?

I wish I could go to the Olympics and proudly represent our sport.

I wish I could be a Grand Master and have many students to help them on their Taekwondo Way.

I would like to have a team of people that would help me get and bring training tools to many schools around the world that do not have what we can get.

Results Taekwondo
Joshua tiene muchisimos titulos pero estos son algunos de ellos;
USA TAEKWONDO National medalist 2018
Pennsylvania state champion 2018
Maryland state champion 2018
New Jersey state champion 2019
Pennsylvania state champion 2019
New York state champion 2019
Maryland state champion 2019
Maryland Governor’s cup champion 2019
Governor’s cup Grand champion 2019
Empire state champion 2019
Keystone state games champion 2018
Keystone state games champion 2019
Metro open international champion 2019
True score East coast states champion 2019
AAU Junior Olympic games champion 2019
I win 5 Gold medals in this competition.

USAT New Jersey open 2019 ( 2 bronze medals )
TORONTO Open 2019 (1 Gold, 1 Silver.)
Mexico open 2020 ( 2 Gold medals)
USAT Us open 2020 (2 bronze medals)

india 1st online open international J&k-Ut Taekwondo poomsae championship 2020
Gold. 9- 11 division
brazil Aberto online poomsae 2020
Gold. 9-11 division
World Oceania poomsae championship 2020
Gold …9-11 division
COVID-19 international friendship championship 2020 .Gold.
Ecuador 1st open virtual poomsae tungurahua 2020. Gold 9-11 division , Gold cadet 12-14.
Puerto Rico Open 2020. Gold
Poomsae championship mundo taekwondo 2020 (2 Gold medals)

My final message is that we are all brothers of this beautiful sport, let’s do it clean, pure and always respecting each other that is what distinguishes us in our sport. Courtesy – Integrity – Perseverance – Personal Control – Indomitable Spirit.
Carrying these values at all times.

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