Here at mundotaekwondo we talk about you and your achievements, we also tell wonderful stories. However, we have decided to tell you a little bit about ourselves so that you know where we come from and where we are going.

First of all, I wanted to introduce myself to you, especially to those of you who don’t know me as we are approaching one million users on social networks and it is my duty to give you information about us.

Center, Carlos Hernández and Other members of the team, Ricardo Hernández and Melina Báez.

I am Carlos Hernandez, a modest black belt VI dan in Taekwondo who has participated in national and international (Open) competitions from 1987 to 2009, approximately.

When I was 10 years old I embraced this wonderful martial sport with all the passion possible until today, when I am 47 years old.

I was a high performance coach in my country and collaborated with the island of Aruba for many years together with my brother Carlos «Nene» Hernandez, who passed away from cancer in 2014.

We also organised national and international events in Caracas – Venezuela and Aruba Island.

As a teacher we are proud to have the Cartaekwondo organization, popular schools in Venezuela that after the pandemic are getting stronger.

Since 1996 I have been writing reviews about Taekwondo and martial arts. I started in several conventional magazines and local newspapers. I also collaborated Ad Honoren with other websites.

I studied journalism at the Central University of Venezuela #UCV. As a result of these studies, in 2011 I founded the specialised website,, based on my thesis or degree work, with a clear editorial line that contemplates informative sports journalism.

Aruba World Cup 2012.

With this website and the development of social networks we have been able to cover events in various parts of the world, progressing to obtain incredible figures in publications.

Open G1 Puerto Rico Open

Thanks to teamwork we have now reached millions of visits on the website and social media.

Grand Prix Final (Mex)

These figures would not be possible without the support of practitioners, athletes, coaches, judges, managers and the general public, who love Martial and Sport Taekwondo as much as we do.

Mundotaekwondo virtual

With this work in we have had the responsibility to document, publicize and cover from a journalistic point of view, either remotely or in person, the events of Taekwondo for 10 consecutive years.

Throughout the dynamic we have been able to put into practice the different journalistic genres, such as; the chronicle, the reports, the interview, the news and the opinion.

I am really proud that we have put into practice techniques and information technologies in favour of taekwondo.

Social networks and internet technologies have been fundamental to spread Taekwondo and its aspects, that is why every day we learn and put into practice everything that benefits the dissemination of our discipline.

Officials Media Panamerican Games

We have participated in multiple continental games, ranking championships, world championships, open championships, seminars, and we have even given coverage to grade exams, school visits, from the most prestigious activities to the most modest.

We have been as interested in the child who is just starting out as in the Olympic champion, we have been concerned with documenting and reporting on current events, as well as reviewing the history and background.

Our criticisms, when they have been made, have been made in order to build. It is part of the social control of journalism to say what others do not want to be said, but with respect. However, our arguments have never been used to offend, damage or harm anyone’s reputation.

We are aware of our task, especially because there are not enough media outlets dedicated to this work for our beautiful sport.

We are also aware that there are people who do not think the same way, and who want to maintain monopolies in order to sectarianise information and create the illusion of a single existing media. We reject this thesis. Rather, we are committed to peaceful coexistence, to the inclusion of more specialised media and the strengthening of the media in order to grow more as a sport or recreational activity.

You will never see us banning, threatening or intriguing another medium. Nor will you see us trying to boycott the presence of one medium elsewhere. We work and let the work and discipline of the work speak for us.

Coverage Panamerican Games

We will always advocate the growth and dissemination of this discipline as a martial art and as an Olympic sport based on fair play and healthy competition. We also encourage understanding between leaders. If we have to be the guarantor of mediation to achieve this, we do it, we do not try to do the opposite.

Our wonderful and award-winning team of works under this philosophy.

We want to make it clear that as of today, February 13, 2022, we have no problems with absolutely no one in the national and international Taekwondo community. Our networks are clean of that kind of information.

We are endorsed, accredited by the College of Journalists of Venezuela under the number: 22545. We have also been featured in the world journalism awards (AIPS), and we have been recognised by different sports organisations and national federations. However, what motivates us most is to provide the best for you.

We will continue to work, God willing, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Thank you for listening to us.

Carlos Hernandez