The tournament is hosted by one the most successful USA National Team Coache in the United States and others countrys.

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Chicago is an imposing city in the United States. It is the cradle of great athletes and now it is preparing to receive athletes from all over the country and international delegations in a championship that is highly anticipated by all.

The organizer

Grand Master Luciano Medina has hosted a variety of tournaments since 1989. But, Medina’s legacy goes beyond hosting tournaments. Grand Master Medina was the only Mexican American to become State President for US Taekwondo, Illinois State President, Coach Director for US Taekwondo, and was also inducted in to the Hall of Fame.

As a Coach, he became one of the most successful coaches in the USA, contributing to many athletes training regimens around the country and world. A variety of Athletes under his guidance became National Team Members and represented the USA in world rebounded International competitions.

Aside from his success as a national team coach, he also coached the National Team in Costa Rica, athletes from Panama, and other dedicated athletes from all walks of the world.

His dedication and perseverance to the sport has made him a historical figure in the Taekwondo community.

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