Miguel Rivero (TKD-USA) “For The Glory”

PROFILE. Today we introduce the Taekwondo community, a great athlete who is building his career in sports seeking to be an Olympian. He is Miguel Ángel Rivero, American citizen, resident of the state of Florida. Born to Cuban parents.

With Coach. Mr. Juan Moreno

Since I was little I was a very active child in my school it was honor roll I only had a problem I spoke too much and my teacher did not know what to do until my family decided to enroll me in Taekwondo classes where I had discipline and an education in martial arts. And there I started competitions since I was 5 years old”.

From cadet began my career winning international gold medal in Costa Rica open US open bronze medal and closing with gold president cup. And Chicago Pan American silver medal. Junior started in the US open with a bronze medal and winning the gold Daedo team two consecutive years and I went to represent my country in the Aruba open.  where I won gold and a recognition as the best athlete in that division. And winning 2018 and 2019 AAU. Making the team Also winning the 2919 open of Costa Rica silver medal winning national gold slam USA, I´m very happy for training and compite in Taekwondo”, says Rivero.

Born: 04-10-02.

Belt:  Black tape third dan. 

Coach: Mr. Juan Miguel moreno.

Doyang: Peak performance (Miami-Flo).

Favorite food:  Beef and Suchi.

Free Time: Play baskesboll and Playstation. 

Social networks:  intragam-@miguel_.tkd

Desire: Is to reach the Olympics in Taekwondo I like my sport 


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