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Latinos make history with Taekwondo in the East Coast (USA) at The International Battle of the Capital 2019 USA The international festival, Battle of the Capital 2019, with the support of the UFTKD was held on Sunday December 1st with resounding success.

With excellent attendance the activity hosted competitors from New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Maryland. In addition it attracted the attention of TKD delegations in representation of Ecuador, Canada, Turkey, and Nicaragua, these teams gave an international touch to an event that is growing each year.

TRIUMPH»The Battle Of The Capital exceeded all expectations with modalities of Forms Poomsae Breaking Weapons and Sparring Kyorugui divisions from 3 years on in both color and black tapes,» Jorge Peláez, organizer, told

Influencial and well known Masters Jefferson Ventura (NJ) and Sandy Arias (NY), both whom own schools and are full time coaches said they were pleased to see how unity is strength and state that every day they are more motivated to continue promoting these types of sports activities for our youth and communities.

«We came to contribute and give a message with the TKD flag» said Master Jefferson Ventura, a successful Dominican in the NJ area, who served as vital support for this tournament.

Master Sandy Arias, one of the most outstanding coaches in the USA at present explained that they will continue to grow Taekwondo and contribute to the youth here in the east coast of the United States.

The international tournament was attended by civil and political authorities from this area of Trenton and the state of New Jersey.The Mayor of Trenton attended the opening ceremony; W. Reed Gusciora the Councilor At-large Mr; Santiago Rodríguez and the director of recreation of the city Ms; Maria Richardson, to the Co-Presenter of the Festival Dr; Rob Connor Director of Christina Seix Academy at Cap. Joseph S. Juniak Head of Operations of CSA.The diplomat, Bladimir Quito, Vice Consul Ecuador in NJ, also made an appearance.DISTINGUISHEDOn this occasion international coaches attended, highlighting:
Carlos Amezcua 🇨🇦
Nicholas Petrone 🇨🇦
Anthony Petrone 🇨🇦
Mario Marín 🇳🇮
Ronald Gaiza 🇪🇨
Tarquino Satan 🇪🇨
Jimi de la Cruz🇪🇨
Luis Montenegro 🇪🇨
Marcos Mendoza 🇪🇨THANKS🗣️Present the Team Destiny Mr Sponsor; Anthony Tahua, owner manager of Ucrackifixit, «was honored to keep them in mind. They are greatly appreciated,» said Peláez.LOGISTICSAwards podium, excellent awards, recognition, national and international judges, in addition to a great installation gave a plus to the activity.PonSponsor’s Battle 2019.Team Destiny Platinium Sponsor Mr; Anthony Tahua Ceo; Ucrackifixit
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