Today we are here to continue talking about historic athletes. People who have transcended in time becoming true legends.

Juan Moreno is one of the most amazing personalities of this sport. As a teenager he began his career with the U.S. national team and so far he has an admirable track record of success.

He won a silver medal at the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul after an intense bout against local Kwon Tae Ho in the -50 kg division.

Final Seul 88.

In 1988 he would win first place in the Pan American and in 1989 he would win his first world medal in Seoul, also in the -50 kg division.

In 1991 Taekwondo debuted in the Pan American Games in Havana and Juan Moreno won the gold medal. In this way he would win his second continental title. He was invited by his historical awards to compete in the Barcelona Olympic Games.

In that event he would win the silver medal, becoming a two-time Olympic finalist.

After a momentary retirement, years went by and Juan Moreno became like the Phoenix Bird. He made the U.S. team for the debut of Taekwondo in the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Before Juan would have to earn his place in the United States and in that transit he would also win the gold medal at the World Cup in Lyon, France, this time in -58 kg.

His determination, technique and courage made him an extraordinary athlete.

Moreno of Latino descent and raised in Chicago, trained in Colorado Spring and finally settled in Miami, has participated in three (03) Olympic Games as an athlete and as a coach in at least four (04) games. In his last Tokyo 2020 he wore the colors of Mexico.

Train Hard

Moreno has excelled as a coach with a track record of world and Olympic medalists. He is currently considered an Elite coach and boasts of being the leader of a high performance project of the Pan American Taekwondo Union.

He competed with other great and historical athletes in his career, highlighting the Olympic champions and medalists; Kwon Tae Ho, Arlindo Gouveia, Gergely Salim, Oscar Salazar, Enrique Torroella, among other great athletes in history.

Personally, he is a family man and is married to former Mexican athlete and coach Marlen Ramirez, who runs a major chain of schools in the United States.

Undoubtedly, his legacy as an athlete and coach is reflected in these historic feats that are worth remembering and making known to new generations.

Carlos Hernández (MT).