For the tenth year in the welcoming city of Kozani in Greece we are organizing the Snow Camp Taekwondo with High Level athletes .( SPARING & POOMSAE)

Τhis year at the , 10th SNOW CAMP TAEKWONDO we will have the pleasure and honor of hosting Mr. IOAKEIM PECHLIVANI , one of the leading taekwondo teachers 8 Dan kukkiwon who has undertaken to teach guests of the SNOW CAMP POOMSAE , we thank him very much for his participation.

🎯The country that formed the sporting ideal by giving emphasis to the competition with honesty, with respect to the opponents and with sense of the fair play.

🎯 The country that created the sporting spirit, the Olympic Games, emerging champions and Olympic champions.

🎯 Ιn this country we have the obligation to organize sporting events as a bridge of communication between people, as the basis of mutual respect, teamwork and cooperation

🎯 Such an event, we hope to exceed our expectations, attracting athletes and coaches from all over world, is the 10th Snow Camp of Taekwondo that will be held in Kozani, a small city in Western Macedonia Region in Greece.

🎯 Two remarkable and experienced sports clubs: the A.G.S. MAKEDONIKI DYNAMI OF KOZANI and DANAOS OF ORAIOKASTRO, which until today count many international distinctions at European and world level, organize one of the top camps in the winter season attracting and inviting friends of Taekwondo and sports in general.

🎯 The event will be held in a place that is a “landmark” for the city of Kozani, the Lefkovrysi Sports Hall. It is the most suitable venue for such great events The 10th Snow Camp of Taekwondo is a meeting of athletes, coaches, parents, chaperones and friends of sport, which includes many sections and events directly or indirectly related to and not only to the Olympic sport of Taekwondo.

🎯 It is about a camp which attracts participants with high level and important personalities: six top coaches, each of whom has his history in Taekwondo written with gold, take part in this important event.

🎯 These are :
1) Master Khem Taweesilp (Taekwondo Coach, 7th Dan Black Belt WT)
2) David Philip Cook (PhD. Of Biomechanics)
3) Ioakeim Pechlivanis (Grand Master 8th Dan Kukkiwon, Taekwondo Poomsae),
4) Alizera Nassrazadany ( World Champion Coach National Team Belgium)
5 ) Christidis Andreas ( Prof. of Physical Education – Msc)
6) Telikostoglou Apostolos (Taekwondo World Champion, Member of Greece Pre-Olympic Team)

🎯 Five leading scientists will take on adjacent information and support modules that will run simultaneously during the camp in specially designed rooms.

These are:
1) Pavlos Thomas – Dental Surgeon
2) Tzatzaki Theodora – Sports Psychologist
3) Vavoulidou Smaro – Physiotherapist
4) Gesiou Mpatsila Vasiliki – Clinical Dietitian
5) Koutrotsiou Anastasia – Physical education teacher, International Referee Taekwondo

🎯 The 10th Snow Camp of Taekwondo in Kozani will be a celebration of sports… it will last 5 days (3 to 7 January) full of actions in Taekwondo (Sparing, Poomsae). It will be a sporting event that will take place in excellent venues (1000 and 500 sqm) with many surprises and events.

🎯 Join us, to share what sports and especially taekwondo offers:

☆☆☆ Athletes Generates Hope ☆☆☆

In the New Indoor Gym of the city of Kozani in GREECE that has 2 excellent halls 1000 and 500 sqr respectively, will be held this year the Snow Camp Taekwondo Olympic level Register your participation by e-mail (snowcamptkdkozanigr@gmail.com )