Recently Grand Master Inseon Kim was appointed to a very important position for the World Federation. The Technical Direction of Taekwondo is not only a position of trust but of great responsibility. Therefore, it is important to know the new man in charge of that position.

Exclusive interview to Inseon Kim.

MT. You have a position that many people are looking forward to.
Any personal thanks?.

I want to thank my family and especially my wife, for always supporting me and allowing me to pursue my dream to promote taekwondo’s mission. I would also like to thank Dr. Choue, WT President, for believing in me and let me help the global taekwondo community in this new role as technical commission chairman. I would like to also thank everyone that has helped me to this point in my career.

GM. Inseon Kim

MT. When and where did you start learning about Taekwondo?

I started taekwondo in 1968 in Incheon, Korea.

MT. Who was your teacher?

Master Daejin Hwang

MT. Which Taekwondo kwan do you belong to?.

Jido Kwan

What grade DAN do you have?.


MT. Do you have any experience in the field of Taekwondo competition?

I competed in taekwondo from middle school to college. I was a member of the 1981-1984 Kyung Hee University taekwondo team. I was the 1995 USA National Team Coach and the Captain of the USA Olympic Taekwondo Team in the 2012 London Olympic Games.

MT. What will be your main mission as technical director?

My mission as the technical commission chair is to help develop new competition formats and ideas for the Olympic and Paralympic Games and push forward global taekwondo competition in the true taekwondo spirit.

MT. How is the status of Taekwondo in the International Olympic Committee?.

I believe that taekwondo has made significant strides in becoming an organization that has been in step with the IOC to be a leader in good governance and sustainability and transparency. In its mission to follow these principles, taekwondo’s future is bright and positioned to be a leader within the Olympic movement.

MT. Many people believe that Taekwondo has lost its essence with electronic protectors. What do you think about that?.

I believe that the systems used to score taekwondo competition has played an important role and will continue to do so now and in the future. My mission along with me colleagues in the technical commission will be to improve or develop a system that will capture taekwondo’s competition’s true essence and excitement without encumbering that very idea.

MT. Do you have any plans to improve the technical side of Taekwondo?

As the technical commission chair, I will be continuously looking for ways to improve the technical systems, procedures, and oversight. I will try to help bring an evolution of taekwondo competition that will keep the exciting nature of sport taekwondo while providing a thrilling viewing experience for everyone, thus helping grow our sport’s interest and loyalty.

MT. Being a resident of the American continent, what can you do to make our continent better?.

Because I am a resident in the American Continent, I genuinely have a vested interest in how I can help be a positive force in my continental union. I serve as the technical commission chair for WT and a council member representing our continental union. I will strive to do my best to help our continental union become a leading force for the global taekwondo mission.

MT. Would you agree that coaches and athletes in Taekwondo should give their opinion about the technical improvements of this sport?

I believe that athletes and coaches should have a voice in the technical improvements for competition. As chair, I will be communicating with athletes and coaches as they are an incredible and necessary source for current and future advances in our sport.  

MT. What are the World Federation’s expectations for the Tokyo Games?.

I believe that WT will continue to build confidence back to our global taekwondo community by providing a road map and leadership in how we as a global community can go forward beyond this current situation. This plan will include events and competitions that will implement new health and safety guidelines to protect and safeguard our taekwondo community and a road to the Tokyo Olympic Games.

MT. Every day the level of Taekwondo forms grows and increases. Could there be Poomsae competitions for Paris 2024?.

Poomsae competition has become an alternative and positive aspect of taekwondo competition. It has created an opportunity to express the beautiful precision and dynamic martial art that taekwondo is. I am hoping that this will continue and help grow interest for taekwondo globally.

MT. What message can you give to the Taekwondo community?.

I am very grateful that I have served that global taekwondo community in many different roles. I genuinely believe that real leadership steams from the desire to help others. I will continue to apply this ideal and approach as the technical commission chair for WT. I hope to be a leader but also a team member to help spread taekwondo’s global mission.

MT. Do you have a family? Could you tell us a little bit about it?.

Without the support of my family, I would not have achieved my goals in taekwondo. My wife is my partner in running my multi-sports complex in Texas with taekwondo, gymnastics, and soccer programs. I have a son and daughter that are pursuing their respective professional careers.

Carlos Hernandez