“Galeb Belgrade Trophy” 2022 SERBIA OPEN, International Taekwondo WTG2/ E2 Championships “It is one of the most anticipated events in Europe and the world. It is just around the corner with G2 ranking rank, in the beautiful city of Belgrade”.

This great tournament is organized by one of the most renowned Taekwondo clubs in the world, a trainer of world and Olympic champion athletes, directed by the famous coach Dragan Jovic.

The tournament is only Kyrougy, (Cadet, Junior, Senior official Division) the KPNP electronic protector system will be used.

Belgrade, Serbia.

Dates: 28-30 Octuber

Sports hall “Ranko Žeravica”(Hala Sportova).

Info/ Register: worldtkd.simplycompete.com

PRESS MEDIA “Galeb Belgrade Trophy” 2022 SERBIA OPEN – WT G2/E2