It is a high-end event with a luxury organization that aims to bring together a good part of the best in the world. It is an extraordinary experience for technicians and athletes. We make every effort to ensure that the event meets everyone’s expectations.

The more experiences we have accumulated all these years, the more we can offer our guests, says Dragan Jovic.


The international master Jovic Dragan, the best WT coach on several occasions, and the Club Galeb family make an unforgettable event every year.

Taekwondo is constantly changing and that is what we work on in the camp. The two (02) training sessions a day are usually dosed to minimize injuries and to be able to achieve a high level of play from the participants, practicing techniques and sharing experiences.

World Champion Senior

The Galeb Summer Camp 2024 will be held in Vranjačka Banja

This popular touristic location in Serbia is 220 km away from Belgrade (the nation’s capital) and full of several fascinating attractions.

All training for cadets, juniors and seniors are led by Dragan Jović with the assistance of the other coaches from TKD Galeb together with Iranian coaches Seyed Kalife and Reza Imanzade.

Coaches for children are from TKD Galeb club, one of the best athletes and now coaches in this club. We are also expecting guest coaches.

We are honoured that Iranian coaches Reza Imanzade and Seyed Kalife are coming as well to Vrnjacka banja this year. Mister Imanzade is the coach of Azad University team as well as coach of the University national team. Mister Seyed is winner of the Best coach Award at World Cup tournament 2017, and head coach of one of the best taekwondo teams in Iran – Azad Islamic team.

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When does the bus leave Belgrade for Vrnjacka Banja? When does the bus from Vrnjacka Banja to Belgrade depart?

The bus departs from Belgrade for Vrnjačka Banja approximately 9am in the morning. You will receive the exact time of departure and return in the e-mail a few days before the start of the camp. The place of departure (and return) is the parking lot in front of “ House of Flowers“ (it is a Museum) at Bulevar kneza Aleksandra Karadjordjevića. The ride takes about 3 and a half hours.

Can you wait for us at the airport?

No, all camp participants organize their own arrival from the airport to the place of departure of the bus and vice versa on the way back. We can suggest taking a taxi from the airport to the bus departure point; the ride takes about 30 minutes and the price is about €40 (4800RSD) in total, not per person.

What is the price of the camp if we come by our own transport?

The price of the camp is unique, it does not decrease if you come by your own transport.

What is the price of the camp for coaches?

The price of the camp is the same for all participants – athletes and coaches.

Can parents also apply?

They can, of course, but the price of the camp is the same for all participants who stay at the Zepter hotel – athletes, coaches and parents. If you decide to stay outside the hotel and use our bus service, the price of the service is €40 (RSD 4,650).

Does full board include breakfast, lunch, dinner?

Yes. All three meals are included in the price of the camp.

What equipment do we need to bring?

All camp participants must bring their own equipment for training –chest protector,helmet, mouthpieces, gloves, sensor socks, shin and forearm guards, suspender for their personal use.

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