This May 02, the European Taekwondo Union (ETU) celebrates 48 years of foundation.

Today it is one of the most consolidated Taekwondo institutions.  It became an Olympic power beating the Asian continent in the last Olympic Games in Tokyo. 

Its athletes managed to obtain three (03) of the four (04) gold medals in men and two (02) of the four gold medals in women, winning 05 of the eight gold medals in dispute in the highest event in the world.

  It currently organizes and promotes, under the leadership of Sakis Pragalos, more than 25 ranking events, highlighting the open ones in Belgium, Albania, France, Holland, Germany, among others.

The European Taekwondo Union (ETU) or World Taekwondo Europe (WTE) is the official governing body for all  TKD matters in europe as a regional organisation of  World Taekwondo.

It comprises the National Taekwondo Federations of all the European member nations and regulates all Taekwondo matters on a continental basis.


The first participating countries in the ETU: Spain, Belgium, Austria, Portugal, Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands, Turkey, Greece, Denmark and the UK.

The first president was Antonio Garcia de la Fuente. The First European Championships of the ETU were held in Barcelona on May 22–23, 1976.

Next event: European Taekwondo Championships Manchester 19-22 May.

Carlos Hernández (MT).