Passion, dedication, technique «the best of Taekwondo» was experienced during a week in banja Vrnjacka (Serbia) during the day of the renowned Galeb Summer Training Camp directed by the world and Olympic coach Dragan Jovic.

During the Galeb Summer Training Camp there were technical and tactical training, physical conditioning sessions with special exercises and circuits, recommendations on psychology, nutrition, by specialists, kyrougy session, companionship and advice in each class for the athletes.

Cadets, juniors and seniors, some world and Olympic medallists such as Mehdi Khodabakhshi, Tijana Bogdanović, Vanja Stankovic, Dejan GEORGIEVSKI, were present to prepare for upcoming competitions such as the President’s Cup, and the Grand Prix.

In the Taekwondo (kyrougy) part, they worked from the stance phase, feints, blocks, through combinations of kicks to the body and to the face. However, the aim of the technicians was to guide the competitors through the different situations that arise with the new Taekwondo rules, changes that require changes in strategies, explained Dragan, who has four Olympic medals and several world championships to his name.

Technical Quality and Human Quality

The athletes pushed themselves to the limit in two planned daily sessions, which were necessary to learn and exchange techniques. However, a team of Galeb technicians provided private lessons in another area of the venue for athletes who needed more attention.

Technicians Dragan Jovic, Seyed Khalifeh Nemat, Reza Imanzadeh, Uroš Todorović, Stevan Rašić, Milan Milovanović, Nebojša Šakić, Andrey Korneev, Marija Pavlović, Monika Varga, Novak Jović, Sara Jović, Danica Jovanović, Marija Biočanin, and special guest Milica Mandić, the Dr. Snežana Banković, who looked after the health of all camp participants, «was empathetic to all those who needed her help, thank you,» said the Galeb team.

Milica Mandic: The Time Fly.

«Over the last 18 years many athletes have trained here, we are a family,» said Iranian coaches Seyed Khalifeh Nemat and Reza Imanzadeh, historical instructors of this event.

Carla Bacco (Canada) and Clayton Dos Santos (Brazil), did not miss any detail of the classes. They came from America to share and learn from these experiences. Both are regulars at Galeb Training Camp. «We are confident in the vision and energy of this event», they said.

Video from the hotel

The recreation and comfort of the participants and their families was guaranteed. The area where the event takes place is spectacular, full of forests, a beautiful village and festivals, cinema, wine fair, shops, green areas, parks, restaurants, among others. In addition, the Hoter Zepter allows for a luxurious stay.

Olympic dreams

«I think each of the participants managed to find something for themselves and to facilitate their training. It was wonderful to see colleagues from all over the world together again and to feel again what the taekwondo family means», Professor Dragan Jovic told everyone.

– Thanks to all the participants of the camp who year after year trust us and are always happy to come back.

Definitely Galeb Training Camp becomes one of the desirable stops for everyone in this era. Coach and taekwondo fighter, we will be waiting for you. Galeb thanked his family and all the camp staff: «They have contributed to make everything run smoothly and perfectly«.


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