BELGIUM. The official competitions of the Belgium Open  to be held in Lommel from 19 to 20 march, will begin with the  kyrougy Senior and finally, the categories of the youngest, Cadet – Youth.

Belgium is a Western European country known for its medieval cities, Renaissance architecture.

The Tournament.

The Belgian Open (Since – 1979) began some 42 years ago with open competitions that attracted the attention of the world’s major powers, including Chinese Taipei, Korea, among others.

For this year 2022, the emotions of the organising group are higher. It had to be suspended in 2021 by COVID breaking a long-standing streak.

The Belgian Open will have 12 combat areas (Daedo) which will allow the event to run smoothly.

For 19 and 20 March, we will have the presence of the main powers of international Taekwondo, including world champions, Olympians and the new figures that are emerging by leaps and bounds.

The main attraction in high performance will be the presence in this tournament of world champions Manchester 2019 and Tokyo 2020 And Río 2016 Olympic medallists who will dispute this G2 competition, seeking points for Paris 2024.

Highlights: Bianca Walkden (GB), Check Sallah (CIV), Georgy, Jade Jones (GB), Jaouad Achab (Bel), Lauren Williams (GB), Adriana Cerezo (Esp), among others.

Top coaches.

The most successful coaches of the last few years, as well as some famous former athletes who now stand out as coaches will be present at this huge event.


The competitions will be held at the  De Soeverein, Sportveldenstraat, Lommel-Belgium a place 55 minutes from the capital of Belgium  which will become the epicentre of international Taekwondo, with the presence of athletes from Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceanía,  for América, United States, Canadá And Argentina who are preparing for the World Championships in México.

De Soeverein

The event is promote for Sport Vlaanderen, Lommel City, and Taekwondo Vlaanderen.

The technical staff and judges of all disciplines of the Belgium Open are coordinated by the European Taekwondo Union.