SOFIA. The official competitions of the Bulgaria Open (G2) to be held in “Asics Arena” Sofia City from 03 to 05 march, will begin with the  kyrougy Senior and the categories of the youngest, Cadet – Youth.

The Tournament.

On March (06), it is planned to hold the Poomsae open with international category.

For this year 2023, the emotions of the organising group are higher. The Bulgarian Open offers a high level of organization and competition.  Countries of the main powers of the world are already being confirmed, including the National Team of  Turkiye, Great Britain, Jordania, Senegal, Polonia, Austria, among others.

   The president of the Bulgarian Federation, Slavi Binev and his team are working to offer a great tournament. «For March 03 and 05, we will have the presence of the main powers of international Taekwondo, including world champions, Olympic athletes and new figures that are emerging by leaps and bounds,» said Binev.

The main attraction in high performance will be the presence in this tournament of world champions 2022 and Tokyo 2020 Olympic medalist who will dispute this G2 competition, seeking points for Paris 2024.

To give you an idea, Britain’s top stars Jade Jones and Bianca Walkden are registered.

Top coaches.

The most successful coaches of the last few years, as well as some famous former athletes who now stand out as coaches will be present at this huge event.


The competitions will be held at the  Sofia,    which will become the epicentre of international Taekwondo, with the presence of athletes from Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceanía, América, who are preparing for the World Championships in Azerbayian.

Host Team 

The technical staff and judges of all disciplines of the Sofia Open are coordinated by the Bulgaria Taekwondo Federation and  European Taekwondo Union.

The City

Bulgaria is a Balkan nation with a diverse terrain surrounding the Black Sea coast, a mountainous interior, and rivers, including the Danube.

Among the things you have to see in Sofia are the Sveta Nedelya Church, the Sveti Georgi Rotunda Church, the Party House, the Presidential Palace with its changing of the guard, the Archaeological Museum, Nezavisimost Square with its statue of Saint Sophia, the Banya Bashi Mosque, the tiny church built underground Sveta Petka Samardzhiyska, the Central Market, Sofia Synagogue, the Art Gallery, the Russian Church, the Antique Market, the Sveta Sofia Church, and the Alexander Nevski Cathedral, the attraction most impressive tourist attraction in the Bulgarian capital.

Carlos Hernández
International Media

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