EUROPE. From March 28 to April 5, a group of young competitors from different Clubs in Galicia (Spain) traveled to Sofia (Bulgaria) to prepare for the Spanish Open to be held in Benidorm (Alicante) on 16-17-18. of April.

This team was made up of Giovanni Imparato, Alessandra Imparato and Cloe Iglesias from Club Patiño, Sergio Troitiño and Yadira Bermúdez from Club Mats, Carlos Novo from Club Suh Pontevedra, Laura Penas and Lucia García from Club Kwon Vetanzos.

As responsible technicians Pedro Cardona and Ruben Taboada. The POLC Galicia association was the engine of this trip and its organization. The Hereya Club of Sofia was the center where the training sessions were held, its coaches Stanimir Lazarov and Ángel Kirchev were the hosts and in charge of organizing the training sessions with different teams including the senior and junior national teams.

For Sofia, training started on Monday, in the morning a recovery session and in the afternoon a training session with the athletes of the Hereya club, led by Angel Kirchev.

Two training sessions were held on Tuesday, in the morning physical-technical work by coach Pedro Cardona and in the afternoon combat rounds with athletes from different clubs in Sofia. On Wednesday morning the coach Rubén Taboada directed the work and in the afternoon we had the visit of the Bulgarian Junior and Senior National Team with whom we had the possibility to do some matches with electronic numbers.

Giovani Imparato faced Bulgarian representative Daniel Ladzhev -58 kg senior, Sergio Troitiño faced Bulgarian representatives -68 kg Alexandre Dzhordzhev -74 Mitko Dzhordzhev, Yadira Reimundez faced Junior representative of -55kg and -59kg, Lucia García fought with the experienced senior Nicolet Kostova-49 kg.

The rest of the team also fought with the members of the Bulgarian team but already without electronic breastplates. Cloe Iglesias who on Wednesday did not have the opportunity to measure herself with anyone in her category, if she did it on Thursday with the junior representative -62 kg of the national team.

On Friday the day was calmer with two training sessions led by Rubén Taboada and Pedro Cardona.

On Saturday and the last day of training, bouts with electronic numbers were held again, this time everyone was able to make a fight, highlighting the Sergio Troitiño fight that faced Kristyan Zlatev, the heavyweight of the Bulgarian team.

Carlos Hernández (MT).