On 5 April, ETU will launch its new website www.europetaekwondo.org

The new website is modern and will meet the need of its visitors.

Barbarino, Cito, Pragalos.
Photo: Courtesy FITA.

Secretary-General Antonio Barbarino said the following:

– Our new website will function as an up to date news portal for Taekwondo in Europe. Next to its fancy looks, the website also has various updated functionalities. The event calendar has a new look and under each event the visitor can easily find all relevant documents. Also during our events, the site will be next to Facebook, the main source of information. Last but not least, I am very happy that I can announce that ETU has started to work together with Recast, a streaming service that will live stream almost all future ETU events.

– Next weekend will be a test broadcast so make sure you tune in! President Pragalos was very pleased to see the result of the new website! FITA, the Italian Taekwondo Federation’s President, Mr. Angelo Cito has helped ETU in the development of our new website. I am very grateful to him and his staff Mr. Luigi Fattizzo and Mr. Nicola Milan for their hard work.

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