TIRANA. The president of the Albanian Taekwondo Federation, Endrit Hoxha was appointed deputy minister of sports. The Taekwondo master is also Europe Taekwondo Union (ETU) Council member.

Máster Hoxha can be considered a Taekwondo man. He is very passionate about Taekwondo and runs his own TKD Academy while heading the Taekwondo Federation in his country.

He did part of his professional training in Italy. He stayed in that neighbouring country for 10 years.

His relations in international Taekwondo as well as in domestic politics in his country open a promising outlook.

Recently Hoxha  was co-organiser of the Albanian President’s Cup in Dürres with The Máster Leo Kapri.

Family Hoxha

Taekwondo wins.

In Latin America the President of the TKD Federation, Francisco Camacho (Dominican Republic), was also appointed Minister of Sport. With Endrit Hoxha we are still aiming at having men in power.

President’s Cup logistics team

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