EDGE Taekwondo NYC and Team Destiny achieved important results at the American Taekwondo United (ATU) National Championships and Team Trials this past weekend in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, where the team led by Master Sandy Arias took the glory.

In conjunction with the President of the ETA-USA/CAN Jorge Pelaez, «We continue moving forward with international projection highlighting Noah Quiñonez Scott and Klaython Fiallos Franco who are part of the Ecuadorian National Team for world scale events» said Sandy Arias.


Noah Quiñonez Scott 🥇
Sofia Frias 🥇
Sebastián Tito 🥇 Jezrael Pelaez 🥇 Maria Cano 🥇

SILVER MEDALLIST. Klaython Fiallos Franco 🥈

Kailyn Sanchez 🥉
Hirdaya Rawal 🥉
Ivan Perez 🥉 Anthony Garcia 🥉
Haylen Pando 🥉

Noah Quiñonez Scott continues to gather victories on the road to the Panamerican 2022.

Mutilple time US National team member and multiple time Ecuadorian National Team member Noah Quiñonez Scott rises to the podium again at the ATU National Championship and Team Trials in Downtown Atlanta this past weekend.

Much thanks his coach and Master Sandy Arias and the President of ETA-USA/CAN Jorge Pelaez, «happy to have made team again and look forward to upcoming events including the Panamerican in Costa Rica 2022» said Noah.

Klaython Fiallos Franco who took silver on Sunday and is also part of the Ecuadorian National Team will compete at the Panamerican in Costa Rica as well as Sofia Frias who represents the Dominican Republic, and who also made the US Team at ATU this past weekend. Back home to keep working. Thank you ATU! Until next time.

Carlos Hernández