August: A reminder of an achievement.

The outstanding Olympic and world coach is today a personality within the international Taekwondo with achievements that position him within and outside his country.

Milica Mandic two olympic fold medal witj coach Dragan Jovic.

Four (04) Olympic medals including two golds with Mandic Milica 2012-2020 and one silver and one bronze with Bogdanovic Tijana Rio 2016-2020, after a work that takes decades.

Club Galeb has world grand prix and European medals thanks to a sustained growth of efforts. Passion, adaptation and knowledge to achieve goals has been one of the secrets of the most important coach in the world today, as voted by the @worldtaekwondo.

Soon master Dragan Jovic will be recruiting athletes from various arts around the world for his long awaited Summer Camp, an event he filled just a few days before it opened.

Carlos Hernandez